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Re: Newbie - needs help.

"Andrew John P. Young" wrote:
> dn: dc=maitland, dc=com.ph

Should be

  dn: dc=maitlandcom,dc=com,dc=ph

because dc is defined as exactly one DNS name level.

> ldapdelete -D "dc=maitland" -W

You have to provide the full DN not just the RDN (relative DN).

> ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

ldapdelete -D "dc=maitland, dc=maitland, dc=com.ph" -W "cn=root,
dc=maitland, dc=com.ph"

Again: s/dc=com.ph/dc=com, dc=ph/g

> I also added these lines to /etc/inetd.conf
> ldap    stream  tcp     nowait  nobody  /usr/sbin/slapd slapd -i
> I did'nt know how to stop and start a service so to make sure that
> it ran I reboot(ed) the Linux server.

Running from inetd gives you bad performance since the server is
restarted very time you access it.

Better start it as standalone-demon. Start it as root with

slapd -f configfile

Stop the service with

kill or killproc (see man-pages).

You did not mention which Linux distribution you are using there are
pre-configured OpenLDAP installations in Red Hat and SuSE with
already ready-to-use start/stop scripts.

Ciao, Michael.