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Newbie - needs help.

Dear Sirs/Madames:

I am sorry if I made a mistake asking this kind of question
to this mailing group. I am a newbie to OpenLDAP and to LINUX
itself. I've been having some problems with OpenLDAP and am
wondering if anybody would be willing to help me out.

I'm trying to replace every Windows based mail server with
LINUX and am using sendmail to handle the accounts and
hopefully OpenLDAP as a lookup for all the local-emails.

I am currently running LINUX in a 486 computer (all we 
could spare for a test PC) running inside our LAN given a 
local private IP, 40 MB of RAM and an 800 MB HDD. I guess
I chose this setup to prove how efficient LINUX really is.

I installed OpenLDAP and looking into the quick guide at
OpenLDAP.org have successfully installed SLAPD. (is that 
the correct term?). Anyway the ldapsearch query ran and
found data within the database of slapd/ldap. 


My initial data (myldif.ldif) that was written to slapd/ldap/openldap
had mistakes. I read the UM manual - "The SLAPD and SLURPD Administration
Guide" and have found out that the data I wrote was erroneous. This is
the data that I wrote/added through ldapadd

dn: dc=maitland, dc=com.ph
dc: maitland
#o: Maitland-Smith cebu Inc.
objectclass: organization
objectclass: dcObject

dn: cn=root, dc=maitland, dc=com.ph
cn: root
sn: root
objectclass: person

What I would like to do is to delete the said entries... actually
all the entries and start anew. I tried to use ldapdelete with the

ldapdelete -D "dc=maitland" -W

is this correct? Well, anyway I tried numerous combinations with the
ldapdelete command and all I get is this reply:

ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

Could someone please tell me or guide me to a how-to that would teach
me how to clear up the data inside OpenLDAP's database? Or maybe overwrite
the existing data with the new one I made...

dn: dc=maitland, dc=com.ph
dc: maitland
o: "Maitland-Smith cebu Inc."
objectclass: organization
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: top

dn: cn=root, dc=maitland, dc=com.ph
cn: root
sn: root
objectclass: person
objectclass: top

I read that this is suppose to be the proper way to express an RFC 1779 
protocol. I read most of the newbie helps in the archive and have not found
anyone having the same problem as I have. I guess I'm the only one
stupid enough to have this type of problem.


I assumed that since I got data inside OpenLDAP I might as well try to
access the data inside the server. So i got an update for Outlook 98
to handle LDAP servers pointed the IP address to the test PC at port
389. At the linux server's side I added the following lines to 

ldap		389/tcp
ldap		389/udp

I guessed that this is what the "The SLAPD and SLURPD Administration Guide"
meant when it said to add the ldap service to /etc/services.

I also added these lines to /etc/inetd.conf

ldap 	stream	tcp	nowait	nobody	/usr/sbin/slapd slapd -i

I did'nt know how to stop and start a service so to make sure that
it ran I reboot(ed) the Linux server.

Using the patched Outlook 98 I tried to query for the said data and got
nothing. Did I do something wrong?

Hope you can help.

Andrew John Young
Maitland Smith