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Re: slapd grows without bounds

At 10:49 AM 1/30/00 -0500, wesley.craig@umich.edu wrote:
>> From:    George Cox <gjvc@extremis.demon.co.uk>
>> To:      openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
>> Well, the subject says it all really.  I have OpenLDAP 1.2.9, PerlDAP 1.4,
>> and the Netscape Directory SDK for C on FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT.  The
>> underlying ldbm is Berkeley DB 1.85.
>First, the Netscape Directory SDK is LDAPv3, while OpenLDAP 1.2.9 is

The Netscape (Mozilla) SDK interoperates with OpenLDAP 1.x without
any problems as long as you stick to LDAPv2 operatons.

>This is probably not your current problem, but it could cause
>problems with any code you write with it.

The semantics of some API calls a bit difference... be sure to
use their manual, not our ours, when programming with their

>OpenLDAP 1.2.9 should be run with Berkeley DB 2.7.7.
>There's a good chance that this is your size problem.

Likely the size problem is just unexpected cache growth.

>> Initially, I cooked up an LDIF file with 20,000 records, ran ldif2ldm and
>> made queries using my PerlDAP-based scripts.
>ldif2ldbm should not be used to initially load the database.  Instead,
>the server should be started with scheme checking turned on and ldapadd
>should be used.

Very true.

>> Every query, be it light- or
>> heavy-weight resulted in the slapd process increasing in size until it took
>> up 140M or thereabouts and I killed it.
>140M could be fine, depending on the number of indexes you've
>configured slapd to build and how large you've configured the caches to
>be.  The server I run, with 25 indexes and and 10M caches, is at 170M
>right now.  Another server, similarly configured, is in excess of 350M,
>tho it's been running for a month.