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Re: more descriptive error messages?

At 10:59 AM 1/26/00 -0600, Jason Bodnar wrote:
>I'm currently using openldap 1.27. I've noticed that ldapmodify does not give
>very descriptive error messages at times. For example, when adding entries from
>a large ldif file (with -c so it continues even if there are errors) I get
>messages such as:
>ldap_modify: Type or value exists

This message is just a echo of what the server provides to the
client.  If you want more detail, enable server logging.  ldapmodify
could like provide some additional details... patches welcomed.

>ldapmodify: invalid format (line 17 of entry: uid=JANDRE@de.ibm.com, ou=IBM,
>ou=external, ou=people, o=T
>ivoli Systems

This message was generated by the client itself and hence provided
a bit more detail.  

>Does the latest version of openldap give more descriptive errors?