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why would ldap_open() set errno 2?

 Wierd one here.

 I ported an existing TCL-LDAP implementation (Tony Murray's
-tmurray@ix.netcom.com) to an AOLServer module. It worked fine, as far as
I could see.

 However, once I configured AOLserver with it's Oracle database driver
properly, that stopped working. The logs showed:

[27/Jan/2000:13:23:55][976.6151][-conn0-] Error: nsd.tcl: 
Cannot connect to host!

    while executing
"LdapBind ldap 389 "cn=manager,dc=fv,dc=digiserve,dc=ie" secret"
    (procedure "ldap_bind" line 8)
    invoked from within chunk: 0 of adp:

 This, I thought was odd. I added some printouts to the module, and when
it calls "if ((ldprime[ldcnt] = ldap_open(ldaphost, ldapport)) == NULL)",
ldap_open returns NULL, and sets errno to be 2. 

 What files or directories could it be talking about ?


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