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Re: Using OpenLDAP instead of Netscape Directory server

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Sorry about the mistakes... Just got a bit carried away...
Thanx for the clarification

ST Lim

On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> >> > What would be the schema in case someone wants to do this?
> You can adapt LDAPv3 schemas for use with LDAPv2 servers.  However,
> some applications depend on more things than schema, such as LDAPv3
> extended operations.  I am not sure if the above applications support
> LDAPv2, but if they do, you should be able to use OpenLDAP 1.2 to
> support them.

> >If you want a v3 compliant ldap server, get Umich's Ldap.
> This is incorrect.  U-Mich LDAP 3.3 implements LDAPv2+.  The
> U-Mich LDAP project is defunct.  OpenLDAP has picked up where
> they left off.  OpenLDAP 1.x is U-Mich LDAP 3.3 compatible,
> that is, it implements LDAPv2+ and the supports the U-Mich APIs.
> >LDAPv3 for Openldap will not be till 1.3??
> Not until OpenLDAP 2.0.

> OpenLDAP 1.3 will likely never exist.  We've focusing energies
> on 2.0.   We can always use more developers.

> >And read the FAQs at www.openldap.org
> I concur.

> >> > On a related note, has anyone managed to make Netscape Directory and
> >> > OpenLDAP replicate with each other?
> >It is possible since NS Directory can replicate with LDAPv2

> Yes.  slurpd can be used for OpenLDAP->NS and likely NS has
> something similiar to do "dumb" replicate in opposing direction.
> >> > Finally, how does OpenLDAP handle SSL, if at all?
> >Yes... Pls read the FAQ...
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