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ldap forms?

I'm trying to create a simple form to do searches on my ldap server, has
anyone done this before? I want to create the ldap url from input in the
form. It looks like it will be really simple, but I've never done any html
forms before, and any help would be appreciated.

the ibm redbook on understanding ldap has a very good description of how the
ldap URLs are created, here's the basic url -

The syntax of an LDAP URL is:
ldap[s]://[<host>[:<port>]] [/ [<dn> [? [<attributes>] [? [<scope>] \
[? [<filter>] [? <extensions>]]]]]]

And here's the beginnings of my form HTML -

<FORM action="ldap://ldap.pcca.com/dc=pcca,dc=com??sub"; method=get name=f>
<INPUT type=text value="" framewidth=4 name="cn" size=40><INPUT type=submit
value="LDAP Search">

I think that creates a url in the form of
"ldap://ldap.pcca.com/dc=pcca,dc=com??sub?cn=[input'd info]"

Which should do a search on common names for the [input'd info]. I think.
Has anyone gotten something like this to work before?

Seth Thornberry