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Re: Inetorgperson schema and attributes - draft

"John P. Looney" wrote:

>  About jpeg photo - although I've managed to store binary data in an LDAP
> database, are there any decent scripting languages with LDAP bindings, so
> that I could extract the photo from the database, and view it on a webpage ?
>  I tried writing a tcl script that would just *be* a jpeg, and do
>  <IMG src="http://localhost/ldapuser-to-jpeg.tcl";> but it didn't work very
> well :(
>  We use Apache&PHP and AOLserver & TCL, so if someone has a neat solution,
> I'd love to hear of it. I ended up just storing URLs of photos in the
> "jpeg" type attribute.

We used php3 with the ldap_get_values_len extension to correctly handle
binaries. You may find it at http://www.php.net

Have fun.

Pierangelo Masarati