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OpenLDAP and Netscape roaming: email relaying???

thanks to the great article by Kartik in lw-1999-09 I finally (!!!!) got
things going.
I don't think I have ever read so much stuff concerning a server topic
that ended up NOT helping me in my life. - Come to think of it I only
found Kartik's article by pure luck - Maybe a prominent posting or a
"banner" would be helpful for all those desparate roamers like me.
I am still having a problem I don't know how to deal with, though.
Most sendmails don't allow mail relaying these days (mine doesn't
either), so I HAVE to email through my providers SMTP host from at home
and HAVE to use my lan SMTP host at work. - If I want to have my email
filters and addressbook "roamed", Netscape forces me to check that I
also want the User Preferences. This however means that I constantly end
up with the wrong SMTP host configured.
Is there any way to prevent this either within OpenLDAP or within
Thanks in advance,
Ingmar Gutberlet
University of Jena
P.S. I realize that this is more of a question for a Netscape newsgroup,
but roaming with Netscape seems to be a bit of an issue here, so forgive