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Bulk queries on a largish directory: sloooooow


I'm currently busy developping a radius daemon that gets it's accounts
from a OpenLDAP based directory server. For various reasons that
go beyond the scope of this mail I decided to query the DS (Directory Server
for _all_ the entries for a given base & scope, e.g.:
When there are about 400000 entries in a LDBM backended OpenLDAP
server this takes _ages_. With the standard timelimit the query will even
time out.

Is there any solution to this, a better backend, an optimization in the
of * queries, etc ?
Apart from using ldbmcat.. thats a bit too low level or breaking up the
in e.g. (login=0*) , (login=1*) , (login=2*) , making these queries parallel
(asynchronous). I've done all this already and it still takes ages.


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