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RE: Can't get slurpd to work

> I then noticed that I was getting both /var/tmp/replog and 
> /export/ldap/replog,

This is an indicator that slurpd is doing what it should.
slurpd as part of its operation reads the replication log
from the master slapd, and removes the records it has read.
It then writes these records to its own replication log
(/var/tmp/replog in your case), and once it has replicated
a record to all replicas (or rejected it), the record is
removed from slurpd's replica log too. slurpd also maintains
other files in the same directory which contain the current
status of each replica, wrt the log file, and rejected

> so I changed "replogfile /export/ldap/replog" to
> "replogfile /var/tmp/replog" to assure that we were using the 
> name filename 
> everywhere.  Still no luck.

This is bad, you should put it back the way it was.

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