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Re: Can't get slurpd to work

> From:  "Chris Garrigues" <cwg-oldap-sw@DeepEddy.Com>
> Date:  Wed, 12 Jan 2000 17:04:07 -0600
> > From:  "Chris Garrigues" <cwg-oldap-sw@DeepEddy.Com>
> > Date:  Wed, 12 Jan 2000 14:50:24 -0600
> >
> > Could the error be because it's not the first database on deepeddy, but instead
> > is the second?
> This apparently isn't my problem because changing the order of the databases 
> doesn't make any difference.
> Anybody?

I'm totally stumped here.  Since my last email, I removed the other database 
from both systems in case that was causing a problem.  It didn't get any 

I then noticed that I was getting both /var/tmp/replog and 
/export/ldap/replog, so I changed "replogfile /export/ldap/replog" to
"replogfile /var/tmp/replog" to assure that we were using the name filename 
everywhere.  Still no luck.

Does anybody have slurpd working properly?  If so, could you send me your 
slapd.conf files.


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