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Re: install & from mail client

Thank you  for reply,

Niels Baggesen wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 12, 2000 at 14:35:20 +0900, tsuchit wrote:
> > 2.I isntalled the only openLDAP. made sample LDIF file, and ldapadd, and
> > ldapsearch was fine.
> > next, I tried to access from Netscape mail client usind address book,
> > but I did not access, appeared an error.
> > Why not?
> > Please let me know the method of access from Netscape mail client with
> > address book.
> Did you set the "Server Root" field in the Netscape directory setup?
> It should be the same as your slapd.conf suffix parameter.

Is your mention "Search root" field?
Yes, I set the same as slapd.conf suffix.

The following is;

database ldbm
suffix  "o=Pfizer, c=JP"
rootdn  "cn=root, o=Pfizer, c=JP"
rootpw  secret
directory /usr/local/ldap

index cn,sn,uid
index objectclass pres,eq
index default none

Thank you,