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Re: accent problem

At 10:51 AM 1/10/00 CET, Fabrice Nouet wrote:
>Hello All,
>I use Openldap v2 so I have a problem
>with all accents (é è à î .....) in words
>which are supported by OpenLdap v3.

OpenLDAP 1.x, which implements LDAPv2, supports T.61 characters.
T.61 supports most western european languages.  OpenLDAP 2.x,
which will implement LDAPv3, will suport UTF-8 encoded IS0
10646 characters.  ISO 10646 is a superset of Unicode.

>Is a new version of OpenLdap which is supported
>LDAP v3 can be use for a project ?

It's not recommended for general use nor is supported.

>Or Is someone has resolved the problem of accent
>for a LDAP v2 application (useful function in Perl ...)?

The Perl API (PerLDAP, Net::LDAP, Net::LDAPapi (deprecated))
will return the T.61 strings to your code... you can
do whatever you want with them.  Perl has numerous modules
for translate strings between character sets.

>(if I put a file with accent into my base I have a
>'NOT ASCII' result instead of the real value of the attribut)

ldapsearch does not attempt to write the native LDAP
characters to the terminal as most locales are not
T.61 compatible.  You can disable this feature by using
the -B option or -L (LDIF).

Of course, I wouldn't bother with the command line tools
and opt to use the Perl LDAP APIs.

Kurt D. Zeilenga		<kurt@boolean.net>
Net Boolean Incorporated	<http://www.boolean.net/>