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Re: just starting out in ldap

At 10:00 AM 12/14/99 -0500, squeegy+ldap@squeegy.org wrote:
>I am new to this and I am following the quick start faq on the website
>and have run into a snag
>when I run ldapadd -D "cn=Manager, dc=amsite, dc=com" -W < amsite.ldif
>i get after entering the password 
>Enter LDAP Password: 
>ldap_bind: Invalid credentials
>What does that mean?

This means that either the DN or password enterred is invalid.
You should verify that the DN and password are exactly the
same as the rootdn and rootpw you specified in slapd.conf.

The contents of the LDIF are not relevant unless the ldap_bind
successfully completes.

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