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Hey All,
     I can't figure this out I think that I have it setup correctly but the
docs are somewhat confusing. I'm running RH6.1 with OpenLdap (as a rpm).
There appear to be 2 ldap.conf files. The first appears in /etc/. I'm only
including the uncommented values.

base dc=my-domain, dc=net
binddn cn=root, dc=my-domain, dc=net
bindpw secret
scope sub
scope one
scope base
crypt md5 (I assumed md5 because I enabled passwords with md5)
pam_login_attribute uid
pam_groupdn cn=PAM,ou=Groups,dc=my-domain,dc=net
pam_member_attribute uniquemember

The second ldap.conf is in /etc/openldap/. Again only uncommented values.

BASE dc=my-domain, dc=net
HOST my.internal.hostname.domain
PORT 389

My slapd.conf file uses the ldbm database. The
suffix "dc=my-domain dc=net"
suffix "o=my-domain, c=US"
directory /usr/tmp
rootdn "cn=root, dc=my-domain, dc=net" rootpw secret

I created the ldbm database in /usr/tmp with the ldif2ldbm utility (using
the example in the docs but changing it to my info).
When I try to do ldapsearch -h 'objectclass=* '
And it returns with no such object.
I apologize for such a long post, but I'm very confused and don't know what
else to do. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.