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Re: Referral problem

At 02:20 PM 12/8/99 CET, Fabrice Nouet wrote:
>Hello all,
>I will try to explain what I am looking for;
>I use one OpenLdap base on my server1 (host: server1.fr)
>I build another one on my server2 (for example to prevent Quota disk of the 
>server1 is full...) (host= server2.fr)
>The suffix of my two trees is the same - o=Right Vision (but also can be 
>different in future...why not...)
>When I run a command to my server1 I want to know also information which are 
>in server2
>So I think I need referral.

Since both have the same suffix, one must be a replica of the
other and you need a referral to send writes attempted on the
slave to the master.

If the servers have different suffixes, then the subordinate
server needs a default referall pointing it's immediate superior
and the superior one needs a referral entry to delegate the
subtree to its subordinate.

The U-Mich guide (sections 10 and 11) provides some insight into
referrals and replicas, (though the configuration examples might
be a little off).
See: http://www.umich.edu/~dirsvcs/ldap/doc/guides/slapd/

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