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Re: encrypt the userpassword

On Mon, 06 Dec 1999 16:24:13 CET, "Fabrice Nouet" <f_nouet@hotmail.com> wrote:
>| Hello All,
>| Difficult to understand english documentation for encryption:
>| I add entries from a file entry.ldif (ldapadd -f entry.ldif (describe 
>| below)).
>| But I try to encrypt the userpassword (adminfabrice) to mask it from anybody 
>| (ldapsearch 'objectclass=*).
>| How to do that ?

The userPassword should be like that:
userPassword: {crypt}XXXXXX

XXXXXX is the crypted password (with crypt method)

I usually use htpasswd to generate the crypted password. htpasswd come with apache (you should have it if you've installed
httpd/apache on your computer).

Works well.


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