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Re: defining my rootDN

Wayne Browne wrote:
> I am trying to set up a in house contacts database using LDAP (that will
> span several sites and include overseas contacts).
> [..]
> The problem is that I want to be able to store ANY
> organizations in ANY country...
> [..]
> So question is: What should I set me rootdn to be ?

IMHO you should set up an own pseudo-root entry for your local address
book (e.g. o=My Org.) and store the other organizations as sub entries.

         o=Customer 1,o=My Org.

You might decide to ignore the national component (attribute c)
completely because you will not be able to decide which country to
chosse in the case of multi-national companies. This approach is
sufficient for an "in house contacts database" as you mentioned above.
You might wanna store referrals in your LDAP repository to point to an
existing LDAP server if an organization happens to have an own public
LDAP server (which is VERY unlikely).

If you decide to be a part of a global directory tree you have to take
into account the directory structuring rules of your national directory
organization(s) which differs in several countries.

In your case I would recommend to just build your own reasonably
structured tree and forget about global directory structures.

Ciao, Michael.