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Re: any experience with DirectoryMark LDAP benchmark?


    I have done a similar kind of test on OpenLDAP earlier May this year.  I loaded the database with 200,000 entry of orgPerson (Each entry is about 7KB) all at 3
level (ie c=.., o=.., ou=.., cn=...).  I was running the test server on a Pentium II box with 128 MB ram with RedHat 5.2.  This was meant to be a stress test with 10
copies of DirectoryMark running against it.  I can't remember the cache size that I was using.  But what I remember was that it still running after 24 hours and it has
reach >1 million query.  (Oh... 24 hours might not be great for you, but if you have run commercial servers and have them crashing on you after this kind of test, you
will know to appreciate.)

    My kind of query is simpler.  It is just (cn=xyz*) categories (That's tailing wildcard) on 1 level of search scope plus full DN reading a few attributes (ie, base
scope).  As it was a test for my project, these two kind of queries are mixed in a single run test.  The ratio of these two query was 35%:65%.

    The 65% might has thrown the reading out a lot, but I designed the test cases with respect to my actual usage patterns.

  Chee Hong.

Simon Murcott wrote:

> On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, William L Anderson wrote:
>    When I loaded up the test data (only the 1000 entry version) and ran
>    the simplest search tests I had very slow performance (~7sec /
>    search). When I did adds and deletes the time was astronomical
>    (~44*10^6 sec). So, I'm wondering if (1) we just don't have things
>    configured right, (2) we have OS or hardware errors, (3) if others
>    have experience with these benchmarks, and (4) where there are
>    pointers to tuning the LDAP server to perform well under specific
>    scenarios.
>    We're running OpenLDAP 1.2.6, BerkekeyDB 2.7.5, Solaris 2.6, on a
>    Sparc10 w/ 96MB RAM.
> I have OpenLDAP 1.2.7/BDB 2.7.7 compiled --with-treads=posix on an IPC
> running solaris 2.6.
> The database has about 1500 entries for users in it and it takes 6.75
> seconds to do the following query:
> (|(&(givenname=simon*)(sn=murcott*))(&(givenname=simon*)(sn=murcott*))(mail=simon*murcott*)(mail=murcott*simon*)(cn=*simon*murcott*)(display-name=*simon*murcott*))
> On a SPARCstation 5 it takes less than a second for the same thing and
> on any flavour of Ultra it is INSTANT. The limiting factor with ultra's
> is the speed of the network, not the LDAP server.
> The important things in the config file are:
> cachesize       256
> dbcachesize     25600
> index           cn,sn,givenname,display-name,uid,mail   pres,sub,eq
> Regards
> Simon Murcott