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Re: Where does slapd's database live ?

On Wed, Dec 01, 1999 at 10:46:24AM -0500, Gary Williams mentioned:
> There should be a directory directive in your slapd.conf file
> that points to the directory containing the database files.
> It wouldn't be very hard to create a tool that would delete
> a branch of a tree.  If that's all you want, I could probably
> put something together for you.  It wouldn't be very friendly,
> just take the usual parameters (host, port, bindDN, password,
> the base to start deleting from, etc).  Let me know if you
> want it.  I also have a Java browser that will delete branches.

 That would be nice...is there a repository of example C programs that do
simple stuff to an LDAP server (like doing an LDAP search & iterating
through the results, printing stuff out) ?


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