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RE: Where does slapd's database live ?

There should be a directory directive in your slapd.conf file
that points to the directory containing the database files.
It wouldn't be very hard to create a tool that would delete
a branch of a tree.  If that's all you want, I could probably
put something together for you.  It wouldn't be very friendly,
just take the usual parameters (host, port, bindDN, password,
the base to start deleting from, etc).  Let me know if you
want it.  I also have a Java browser that will delete branches.

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Subject: Where does slapd's database live ?

 I'm messing around with slapd, and because there isn't a shell command to
remove whole branches at a time, when I do something wrong (like add a
hundred users to the wrong branch), to get rid of everything, I'm wiping
the openldap directory, and /var/tmp/*dbb & reinstalling.

 Where is the slapd database ? Can I just stop slapd, delete it, and
restart to start with a fresh database ?


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