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Re: solaris 2.6 build

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Joe Sabu wrote:

       I've been attempting to build the OpenLDAP distribution for Sol 2.6.
   I've tried the various configurations recommended, but still the same
   result: upon attempting to add a single entry (from the QuickStart FAQ),
   slapd fails with seg fault (at next-id-read). I tried building with
   1) configure with the specified ac-cv-func-pthread-create=no and the ol-cv-*
   flags = no
   2) also, tried --without-threads
   I'm using LDAP 1.2.7 with SleepyCat DB 2.7.7.
   I've tried both Sun's original regex as well as gnu
   I saw a similar problem listed in the mailing list by Paul barnfather, but
   in his case, atleast some of the test cases were failing. But my test suite
   funs fine.  I'm running short of ideas, except checking out sunsolv for some
   patches I dont have.
   Please advice on the recommended suite of  development tools.
I have never hada problem building OpenLDAP on Solaris 2.6. I do suggest that
you get the latest recommended patches as there are some important threading
fixes in there.

I have gcc 2.95.1 and GNU binutils installed which helps. I am currently running
OpenLDAP 1.2.7 with BDB 2.7.7 and it is FAST even on a sun4c machine. I have it
compiled with support for pthreads at the moment and have not seen any problems
(despite the warnings).

I could send you some binaries if that would help.


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