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Re: solaris 2.6 build


Take a look at the "Solaris 2.6 and 2.7 need additional help..." section of this
FAQ, it helped me.  I'm using gcc version 2.95.1 19990816 (release) and Berkely
db v 2.7.3 running under Solaris v2.6.  gcc was a pkgadd from sunfreeware.com.



Joe Sabu wrote:

> Hello Gurus,
>     I've been attempting to build the OpenLDAP distribution for Sol 2.6.
> I've tried the various configurations recommended, but still the same
> result: upon attempting to add a single entry (from the QuickStart FAQ),
> slapd fails with seg fault (at next-id-read). I tried building with
> 1) configure with the specified ac-cv-func-pthread-create=no and the ol-cv-*
> flags = no
> 2) also, tried --without-threads
> I'm using LDAP 1.2.7 with SleepyCat DB 2.7.7.
> I've tried both Sun's original regex as well as gnu
> I saw a similar problem listed in the mailing list by Paul barnfather, but
> in his case, atleast some of the test cases were failing. But my test suite
> funs fine.  I'm running short of ideas, except checking out sunsolv for some
> patches I dont have.
> Please advice on the recommended suite of  development tools.
> Happy Holidays.
> Joe Sabu