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Re: Understanding referrals

Jim.Greer@AUTOZONE.COM wrote:
> On chicken, I've created what I think is a referral to that 
> I perform the following search:
> which returns:
>      ldap_search: Partial results and referral received
>      ldap_search: additional info: Referral:
>      "ldap://rabbit.autozone.com:389/ou=Executives,dc=autozone,dc=com";
> Hey!  Some kinda referral magic is going on - I can *feel* it!
> What I really want for Christmas, of course, is for Otto Zoner to show up
> on this query.

The client has to chase the referrals. Look at man ldapsearch, option
-R. I'm not sure if the RPM shipped with Red Hat is compiled with option

Ciao, Michael.