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Memory Leaks ? / Multiple daemons


I tried to compile slapd with pth on linux and it worked fine, but when I
run the resulting daemon, it keeps growing and growing (up to 160Mb when I
killed it) while answering queries. I'm not using any cache in slapd and
it doesn't take more than 3Mb when compiled without threads for the same
queries. I thought this was a pth problem until I noticed I had the same
behavior on FreeBSD using the system's thread implementation. Do you have
any idea ?

Also, I was wondering if it was possible to share the same database
between two different slapds on the same host (listening on two different
ports of course) if only one does writes to the database and the other one
is in readonly mode. Would it work ok this way ? Are there things that might
go wrong ?



 Gaël Roualland - gael.roualland@iname.com
 ENSERB Informatique, 3ème année.