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Re: What is T.61 (Was: Chinese Character)

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> I try to add some references. I am sure RFC 1777 provides such.

But they're not very useful.  The definitive reference is ITU T.61, but it's
no longer available (by the way, would someone please supply me a copy?  I
would cheerfully pay for it).   RFC 1345 contains the only useful definition
I've seen.

>> Guess when we convert to UTF8 (8 bit encoding of unicode)we can forget
>> about T.61.
> You can forget about T.61 if and when you forget about LDAPv2.

Or you can forget about T.61 if you use Netscape Directory Server, which
uses UTF-8 in LDAP v2.

> However, if you are deploying software which supports LDAPv2 and LDAPv3,
> you need to address T.61 vs UTF-8 encoded ISO 10646 charset issues.  You
> will find that some LDAP implementations (correctly) use T.61 for LDAPv2
> and other implementations that (incorrectly) use UTF-8 encoded ISO 10646
> characters for LDAPv2.

Netscape, for example.  Some other LDAP implementations use other charsets
in LDAP v2.  For example, Microsoft Exchange Server uses the server's local
code page; for example, American and Western European Exchange Servers use
CP 1252 in LDAP v2.