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RE: Escaping the special meaning of + in attribute value

On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, Nalla, Suneetha R (Suneetha) *CTR* wrote:

> > [root]# ldapsearch "mail=+test@unilim.fr"
> > userid=dutest,dc=unilim,dc=unilim,dc=fr
> > givenname=pdutest
> > mail=+test@unilim.fr
> Yes I did test with out the " and \ it works. But what I am saying is
> according to the LDAP standard to escape the special meaning of + we have to
> enclose it in " or escape it with \.

Isn't that only for DNs, not for all attribute types?  The search example
above doesn't match an attribute type that is part of the DN.