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RE: Escaping the special meaning of + in attribute value

Hi Eric,

> [root]# ldapsearch "mail=+test@unilim.fr"
> userid=dutest,dc=unilim,dc=unilim,dc=fr
> givenname=pdutest
> mail=+test@unilim.fr
> sn=testeur1
> userid=dutest
> objectclass=top
> objectclass=unilimperson
> cn=pdutest testeur1
> [root]# ldapsearch "mail=test@unilim.fr"
> userid=+test,dc=unilim,dc=unilim,dc=fr
> givenname=pdutest
> mail=test@unilim.fr
> sn=testeur2
> userid=+test
> objectclass=top
> objectclass=unilimperson
> cn=pdutest testeur2
> I created them with web page/PHP3/openldap1.2.6
> Did you test without any " and \ ? 
> >> dn: 
> mailRecipient=+1231234345@ssb.com,o=myorganization,c=US     
> for exemple
Yes I did test with out the " and \ it works. But what I am saying is
according to the LDAP standard to escape the special meaning of + we have to
enclose it in " or escape it with \. And the server has to parse the string
and ignore the " or \ and just put the values, but openldap doesn't do that
it puts the " and \ in the database exactly the way I gave with the " and \.
Following the standards I created all my entries using either a " or \ and
it put them with the " and \ in the database which should not be the case.
Now the problem I am having is while doing a search I have to give exactly
the way I created them either using " or \. So is it a bug in OpenLDAP or is
there a flag that I have to set for it to parse the string.

Thanks for your help.

Suneetha R. Nalla