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Re: Netscape Issues


> Inside the General tab should be a set of text boxes, for description, LDAP
> server, and Search Root.  In your case, I'd first try setting the search
> root to dc=wsc,dc=com

Thank you.  This combine with Sven tips seem to have push me forward
with the setup.

> Not necessarily a new database, but yes, on the LDAP server.  The entries
> exhibited in the quickstart guide and in the test suite (look for the LDIF
> files in the test directory) should be a good place to look for
> inspiration...

Hmmm, I guess I have to create a new template?  One thing that I am
un-clear with is the structure of how all these different data are
kept?  Do they have their own "holding place" somewhere.  Do you mean
the test directory in the the source code directory?