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Re: Netscape Issues

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From: Thomas Go <tgo@wsc.com>
>> Do you have the search base set, equivalently to the suffix set in the
>> OpenLDAP configuration?
> There is just a General and Offline Setting tab in my Directory Server

Inside the General tab should be a set of text boxes, for description, LDAP
server, and Search Root.  In your case, I'd first try setting the search
root to dc=wsc,dc=com

>> Basically, you want to create a set of entries, for people, in the LDAP
>> directory, and give each entry a cn (common name) and mail attribute,
>> corresponding to the people's full names and email addresses.  That's a
>> minimum for getting Communicator mail to do the job.
> Do I need to set this up on ceto (ldap server)?  A new database?

Not necessarily a new database, but yes, on the LDAP server.  The entries
exhibited in the quickstart guide and in the test suite (look for the LDIF
files in the test directory) should be a good place to look for