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Re: Domain Name Suffix

Hi Derek,

> The other day I was installing OpenLDAP on what is to become our
> production LDAP server, and I noticed that some of the utilities were
> missing.  I went back and ran the OpenLDAP tests (located in the test
> directory under the OpenLDAP source directory), and suddenly the utilities
> were where they were supposed to be.  I have no idea why that would be the
> case...

We're running OpenLDAP 1.2.  I ran the tests after the sources were built.
I think maybe ldbmcat must be part of Berkeley db.  The "db.2.x.README"
file in the ldap/build directory says "...OpenLDAP configure tool will most
probably find the correct configuration itself."

GNU gdbm seems to be working fine ... and the beauty is that it's simple.
(But it might be fun to look at Berkeley db. )

> Hope that helps!

Yes.  Thanks.  :)


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