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Re: Using ldap server to replace shadow password

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, George Farris wrote:

> Of course there is a complete lack of detailed documentation on doing
> this.  For soemone starting out it is very confusing.

Agreed - but like any "new" solution/direction/technology, good documentation
takes time.  A lot of people are still coming to terms with LDAP, let alone
integrating it with other systems/APIs.

> If anyone has good documentation on doing this with Linux please let me
> know.  I'd like to put up a web page with step by step instructions and
> tutorials.  This is something that is really lacking right now.

It's not "good" nor is it Linux-specific;  but it includes the PADL software
modules and has been tested against OpenLDAP (the PAM/NSS references for
Solaris are equally valid for Linux):


One of these days I'll get around to updating the docs, and include a more
detailed PAM/NSS coverage (something that confuses a lot of people is why they
need both).

> And no the information at www.padl.com isn't good enough unless I've
> really missed someting there.

Luke Howard (the PAM/NSS modules author) has indicated that PADL are working
on documentation, but I haven't seen it as yet;  you may want to ask on one of
the PADL mailing lists.