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Re: Using ldap server to replace shadow password

> Earlier today, Michael J. Maravillo wrote:
> > RedHat uses PAM (Pluggable-Authentication-Module) for user
> > authentication.  There's an LDAP aware PAM module called pam_ldap at
> > http://www.padl.com/software.html
> You'll also need the NSS_LDAP module unless you're going to populate your
> /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files, keeping them periodically in-sync with your
> LDAP directory (using the NSS_LDAP module means you can throw everything in
> LDAP and not put those users in /etc/passwd+/etc/shadow).
Of course there is a complete lack of detailed documentation on doing this.  For soemone starting out it is very confusing.  If anyone has good documentation on doing this with Linux please let me know.  I'd like to put up a web page with step by step instructions and tutorials.  This is something that is really lacking right now.

And no the information at www.padl.com isn't good enough unless I've really missed someting there.

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