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Re: Domain Name Suffix

Hello again Kristina,

Glenn Takanishi wrote:

> BTW, we're on a Solaris network.  I put together the e-mail
> addresses from our nis+ passwd file: "niscat passwd > output".
> Then I used cut to get the correct info out of this multi-columned
> file.  Then I used the ldapTools perl module migrate_common.ph,
> I think, from www.padl.com/tools.htm to create the myldif file.
> You just need to edit the migrate_common.ph file replacing
> etc.  They make things so easy don't they.  :)  You can throw the
> other junk like telephone numbers, etc, in from this script.
> I remember thinking "thank god" for this perl script.

This is a correction to an error above.  I used the migrate_passwd.pl
perl file.  The migrate_common.ph is an include file.  You still need to
edit this file.