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Re: Domain Name Suffix

Hi Kristina,

>  I do not know which objectclasses
> and attributes to use and how to set up my base array for mail500.
> Can you tell me what objectclasses and attributes you are using in
> myldif?  It would be of great help to me!

My myldif looks like:

dn=Richard Stallman, o=PACOM, c=US
cn:  Richard Stallman
mail:  ABstalrm@pacom.osis.gov
telephoneNumber:  123-456-7890
department:  Computer Hacking
objectclass:  person

dn=Bill Joy, o=... (continues with this
same format for the rest of our users)

The funny thing is that all this worked the first time through.
I couldn't believe it.  I used the command "ldapadd ..." listed
below.  Now our users on Unix Netscape and Outlook Express
can use the address book.

BTW, we're on a Solaris network.  I put together the e-mail
addresses from our nis+ passwd file: "niscat passwd > output".
Then I used cut to get the correct info out of this multi-columned
file.  Then I used the ldapTools perl module migrate_common.ph,
I think, from www.padl.com/tools.htm to create the myldif file.
You just need to edit the migrate_common.ph file replacing
etc.  They make things so easy don't they.  :)  You can throw the
other junk like telephone numbers, etc, in from this script.
I remember thinking "thank god" for this perl script.

> By the way, are you using mail500 as your delivery agent or
> have you compiled Sendmail with LDAP support?

No.  Not yet, but I have been archiving your notes from the
past few days because I'm planning to do so soon.


> At 10:47 99/11/08 -1000, you wrote:
> > Hi Kurt,
> >
> > Slapd runs better than I had imagined it would.  But we need to
> > change the .com to .gov in everyones e-mail address.
> >
> > Basically made the ldbm definitions in slapd.conf look like the
> > following:
> >
> > referral          ldap://spectrum.pacom.osis.gov
> >
> > database        ldbm
> > suffix            "o=PACOM, c=US"
> > directory        /usr/local/ldap
> > rootdn           "cn=root, o=PACOM, c=US'
> > rootpw          secret
> >
> >
> > I built the database using "ldapadd -D "cn=root, o=PACOM, c=US" -w
> > secret < /tmp/myldif,
> > where myldif contained the people database info.  It took a few hours to
> > build the database
> > for over 1000 people.  I could build the database again with the proper
> > info for o and dc,
> > however, it's working fine on our network.  The only problem is that the
> > domain name in
> > the database shows .com verses .gov in people's e-mail addresses.
> >
> > So was wondering if we could just modify o and dc.  I tried changing
> > slapd.conf and restarting
> > slapd, but that did not work.  Could you suggest a solution?
> >
> >
> > Appreciate all that you are doing.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Glenn Takanishi
> > System Administration
> >