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Domain Name Suffix

Hi Kurt,

Slapd runs better than I had imagined it would.  But we need to
change the .com to .gov in everyones e-mail address.

Basically made the ldbm definitions in slapd.conf look like the

referral          ldap://spectrum.pacom.osis.gov

database        ldbm
suffix            "o=PACOM, c=US"
directory        /usr/local/ldap
rootdn           "cn=root, o=PACOM, c=US'
rootpw          secret

I built the database using "ldapadd -D "cn=root, o=PACOM, c=US" -w
secret < /tmp/myldif,
where myldif contained the people database info.  It took a few hours to
build the database
for over 1000 people.  I could build the database again with the proper
info for o and dc,
however, it's working fine on our network.  The only problem is that the
domain name in
the database shows .com verses .gov in people's e-mail addresses.

So was wondering if we could just modify o and dc.  I tried changing
slapd.conf and restarting
slapd, but that did not work.  Could you suggest a solution?

Appreciate all that you are doing.

Glenn Takanishi
System Administration