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Re: a better search?

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999 mikema@crt.com wrote:

   	I am experiencing some long search times when trying to do a search
   on one directory that contains about 4500 entries.  This particular search
   returns only 1 attribute, which contains a unix UID, for every DN entry.
   This is needed to find the next available UID.  However, this one search is
   taking up to about 2 mins to complete.  I am using Net::LDAP perl module
   which I understand may not be the best performer but have no other choice
   due to the platforms I work on.  Does OpenLDAP have the ability to have
   store procedures as RDMS do?  Or is there a convenient way to run a script
   on the server through another process?  Any information would be greatly
Are you caching the uid and uidnumber indexes?

I have not had any speed problems myself with the perl modules. For reference a
query like
across a database of 2000 entries on a SPARCstation 5 takes 2 seconds (with
other users on it doing stuff). This query would not complete within the 60sec
timeout until I got the caching correct.


Simon Murcott


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