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Strange problem with binding authentication

   I've a standard OpenLDAP SLAPD running well.
I tried to use Netscape Directory Server 3 schema definition files instead of 
SLAPD one's, but any authenticated binding (except as root) is refused as 
the password is incorrect.
  In debug mode, SLAPD return error 49.
Only changes in slapd.conf is substitution of slapd.*.conf with 
netscape.*.conf; difference I've seen between them are that if a class (ex. 
organizationalPerson) is an extention of another one (ex. person), attributes 
of parent class aren't redeclared. Note that in my tree, every entry with 
objectclass organizationalPerson value have objectclass person too.
  Any idea?


Marco Ferrante (ferrante@unige.it)
CSITA (Centro Servizi Informatici e Telematici d'Ateneo)
Università degli Studi di Genova - Italy
Viale Brigata Salerno - 16147 Genova
tel (+39) 0103532621 (interno tel. 2621)