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Re: sooo frustrating

I sent out some real basic config files, and with help from the list managed to
get it to work.
I'd recommend you get the server running with those config files. It's really
helped me understand what's going on. I'm gonna be brave tonight, and try
making some meaningful config files to test out. Otherwise, my best advice is
to just start simple and work your way up from there.

"Anthony E. Greene" wrote:

> Earl Robinson wrote:
> >
> > i've playing with openldap 1.2.7 all day. In a nutshell my problem is
> > that I can't find a way to "Add initial entries to your directory"
> [snip]
> I'm having the same problems and have taken approximately the same steps. If
> you get an off-list reply that's helpful, pls let me know.
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