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Re: sleepycat db installation

At 11:02 AM 11/2/99 +0530, Vineet wrote:
>Hi all,
>This might be an elementary question.
>I have installed Sleepycat Berkeley DB. I installed OpenLDAP with
>./configure --with-ldbm-api=db2.

With this option, configure will only attempt to detect BerkeleyDB2
for LDBM use and will fail if BerkeleyDB2 is unavailable.

>How do I know that this database is being used?

Check the generated include/portable.h and see if HAVE_BERKELEY_DB2
is defined.  If so, BerkeleyDB2 is in use.   Of course, if you really
want to be sure, you can use a symbolic debugger to check that
LDBM calls are in facted being mapped onto BerkeleyDB calls.

>How do I load this database?

ldapadd(1).  See the Quick Start Guide.

>Does anyone have an install doc for OpenLDAP with Sleepycat?

Only generalized instructions are provided.


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