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Communicator writes but won't read.

Well I have netscape writing bookmarks and prefs etc but it won't read and set 
them when I connect again.  It looks like it is connecting to the server and 
talking but the bookmarks and home page are not set.

I'm using openldap-1.2.7 and have followed the instructions found in the 
maillist archives.  I can see the bookmarks and other data when I browse the 
ldap server manually but netscape doesn't read them.

Is this a known problem?  I didn't apply the patch as I think the archives 
said it's part of 1.2.7.

Any help appreciated.

My access is:

lastmod on
defaultaccess read
access to dn=".*,ou=Roaming,dc=cc,dc=mala,dc=bc,dc=ca" by dnattr=owner write
	by * none
access to attr=userpassword
	by self write
	by * none

George Farris		           farrisg@mala.bc.ca

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