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Re: Perl Support?

Jim McConnell wrote:

> Can I use Netscape's PerLDAP with OpenLDAP?  If not, what can I use in it's
> place?  I see several modules on CPAN, but don't know where to begin.

Yes, I'm in the midst of a project that uses it.  I'm pretty happy with
it.  Given that it leverages a C library to do most of the work (libldap
from the Mozilla LDAP C-SDK) I believe it has much better preformance
than the pure-Perl solutions.  I've not tested this myself, however, and
am only speculating based on statements I've seen about Net::LDAPapi,
from which PerLDAP decends.

See  http://www.mozilla.org/directory for both the C-SDK and PerLDAP.

Once you get both installed, see the programs in the examples directory
from the PerLDAP distribution.

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