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Re: wildcard filter

At 03:27 AM 10/26/99 -0400, Xin Wang wrote:
>I tried to test if searching using wildcard filter work. 
>I used an IP address as filter, and I provide
>filter except other part as: 
>But the search failed.

In which way did it fail?

More information is needed, please do a base search with a
"(objectclass=*)" filter against one of the entries which has
an attribute with a value that should match your filter, ie:
	ldapsearch -b "dn-of-entry" -s base "(objectclass=*)"

then replace the filter:
	ldapsearch -b "dn-of-entry" -s base "(if=*)"

Report the exact commands entered and their output.


Kurt D. Zeilenga		<kurt@boolean.net>
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