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[OFF-TOPIC] List dedicated to DiskSuite

In the course of configuring and using Sun's Solstice DiskSuite
we have discovered that there is no single mailing list or newsgroup 
dedicated to this complex application. We would have benefited 
(and still would benefit) greatly from such a list, and we believe that 
others using this software would find such a resource highly useful.

Consequently, we have decided to host, on an experimental basis, a list 
dedicated to discussing problems related to Sun's Solstice DiskSuite 
software.  We invite all interested in participating to subscribe.

To subscribe, please send an e-mail (no subject needed) to: 


with the following text in the first line of the body of the message: 

subscribe disksuite-l [<your e-mail address>]

Ex. subscribe disksuite-l  john@foo.com

Because this list is experimental, we are not, for the moment, hosting 
archives for the list.

(Please note that, aside from being a user of various hardware and
produced by Sun Microsystems, we have no association with Sun, and this
has not been endorsed by nor has any connection with Sun.)

Christian Pinheiro
System Administrator