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"ldap_bind: Invalid credentials"

Help!  I'm an idiot.  I've been going 'round and 'round with this, and
this is the best I've done:

In slapd debug output:

reading config file /etc/openldap/slapd.conf
line 15 (pidfile                /var/ldap/slapd.pid)
line 16 (argsfile       /var/ldap/slapd.args)
line 22 (database       ldbm)
line 23 (suffix         "o=PageMart.com")
line 24 (suffix         "dc=pagemart, dc=net")
line 25 (suffix         "o=PageMart Wireless, c=US")
line 26 (directory      /var/ldap/db)
line 30 (rootdn          "cn=Directory Manager")
line 31 (rootpw          dirmanadmin)
line 35 (defaultaccess   write)
line 37 (index          cn,sn)
line 38 (index          uid             pres,eq)
line 39 (lastmod                on)
line 41 (dbcachesize    100000000)

But when I try to add stuff to the directory:

smtpa$ ldapadd -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w dirmanadmin  -v -f test.ldif
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

Does it matter what the owner and permissions are on the slapd.conf
file?  On the 'directory /var/ldap/db'?  Does it matter what's in
test.ldif?  The "Invalid credentials" happens immediately, so I don't
think it's the lack of a "cn=Directory Manager" entry in test.ldif.

Any clues?