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Re: Memory usage question

At 05:20 PM 10/13/99 -0500, Dave Brodin wrote:
>We are using OpenLDAP 1.2.7 and RedHat Linux 6.0.  After putting three
>instances the directory server into production, we noticed that the
>memory usage of slapd on each climbs steadily throughout the day until
>it reaches a point where it will bring the servers to a standstill.

It's normal for slapd to grow it's cache as needed.  You
may need to tune cachesize and dbcachesize.  Slapd, of course,
grows as needed to handle higher client demands (concurrent
connections, operations, etc.).  (Usage should stabilize under
max load).

>I saw postings on the openldap web site about memory leaks in 1.2.6, but
>it said it was fixed in the release I have.

>From the feedback I've gotten, 1.2.7 appears to resolved
the memory leaks issues reported by users of 1.2.6.  It should
be noted that some versions of BerkeleyDB leak, we recommend
2.7.5 (or later).  GDBM 2.8 is also an option.

>Right now, we have to run a
>cron job to check when the memory usages gets too high and restart
>slapd.  I'm wondering if anyone else has seen that kind of behavior. 
>Any help would be appreciated.

This shouldn't be necessary.  You should be able to tune slapd
to cachesize/dbcachesize such that reasonable headspace is available
for growth.


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