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Re: how does ldap_result in ldap_search_s work?

We are using OpneLdap 1.2.

We are searching for an exact match entry.
ldap_search_s contains the folloing function tree:


Each time  ldap_search_s (not including binding) is called, 
we found that wait4msg is called once, but the 
do_ldap_select is called twice. While at the server do_search is called 
only once. We'd like to know why do_ldap_select in wait4msg is called

What results is it supposed to get each time a do_ldap_select is called?
We also found that the first time do_ldap_select is called, it took
17 ms (similar to the do_search time 14 ms), while the second time the 
do_ldap_select is called, it took 45 ms. 
We'd like to know what results is it expecting? Why does it take 
so long?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.