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Re: openldap and communicator roaming access

I had this same problem with roaming access.  It turned out my security
settings in slapd.conf were not set correctly.  My security now looks
like this (the fourth line forces the password to be correct in roaming

defaultaccess read
access to * by dn="uid=replication,o=city.bloomington.in.us" write
access to dn=".*,ou=people,o=city.bloomington.in.us" by self write
access to dn=".*,ou=roaming,o=city.bloomington.in.us"
   by dnattr=owner write
   by * none
access to attr=userpassword
   by self write
   by * none

Anyway, it's been working so far.

Ronald Warner wrote:
> I have followed the instructions (with a few modifications) in the
> following url's closely:
> http://www.linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-1999-07/lw-07-ldap_tutorial.html
> http://linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-1999-09/lw-09-ldap-netscape.html
> I have installed the latest BerkeleyDB and OpenLDAP release on a
> RH6.0 box with Albert-FitzPatrick's patch.
>         After configuring Netscape Communicator for roaming access
> and exiting the program, I restarted and chose the User Profile.  It
> asked for the password.  So far so good.  I enter the password, but
> it said "An authorization error occured, please try retyping your
> password."
>         Yesterday, I edited the contents of the ldif file from
> "userpassword= secret" to "userpassword=secret", and added the
> user on the ldap server.  Now, on Netscape Communicator, after
> choosing the Profile Name and entering the Password, I am able to
> access the ldap server and upload the user profiles.  The catch is I
> am able to access the ldap server with no password entered or the
> correct password entered.  What do I do to correct this?
> Another problem is that ideally, when I choose Guest (for Profile
> Name) on the Communicator Profile Manager, enter the User Name
> and Password, I should be able to download the user profile --
> bookmarks, browser configuration, etc...  but the browser is left
> unconfigured, which means that the profile was not downloaded.
> How do I resolve this?
> Thanks for your assistance.
> Ronald Warner
> PC/Network Engineer
> De La Salle University
> Information Systems and Technology Center
> Computer Facilities Operations Office
> 2401 Taft Ave
> Malate, Manila 1004

Dave Brodin
Lead Systems Engineer
Information and Technology Services
City of Bloomington