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Re: openldap and communicator roaming access

At 09:07 AM 10/14/99 -0500, Dave Brodin wrote:
>defaultaccess read
>access to * by dn="uid=replication,o=city.bloomington.in.us" write

None of the below rules matter as the above rule matches *.
Hence, your replication user can write, everyone else can
read (anything).

Your first rule reads:
	To anything and everything,
		if uid=relication,... grant write
		else grant read (default)

Nothing else matters!

>access to dn=".*,ou=people,o=city.bloomington.in.us" by self write
>access to dn=".*,ou=roaming,o=city.bloomington.in.us"
>   by dnattr=owner write
>   by * none
>access to attr=userpassword
>   by self write
>   by * none
>Anyway, it's been working so far.
>Ronald Warner wrote:
>> I have followed the instructions (with a few modifications) in the
>> following url's closely:
>> http://www.linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-1999-07/lw-07-ldap_tutorial.html
>> http://linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-1999-09/lw-09-ldap-netscape.html
>> I have installed the latest BerkeleyDB and OpenLDAP release on a
>> RH6.0 box with Albert-FitzPatrick's patch.
>>         After configuring Netscape Communicator for roaming access
>> and exiting the program, I restarted and chose the User Profile.  It
>> asked for the password.  So far so good.  I enter the password, but
>> it said "An authorization error occured, please try retyping your
>> password."
>>         Yesterday, I edited the contents of the ldif file from
>> "userpassword= secret" to "userpassword=secret", and added the
>> user on the ldap server.  Now, on Netscape Communicator, after
>> choosing the Profile Name and entering the Password, I am able to
>> access the ldap server and upload the user profiles.  The catch is I
>> am able to access the ldap server with no password entered or the
>> correct password entered.  What do I do to correct this?
>> Another problem is that ideally, when I choose Guest (for Profile
>> Name) on the Communicator Profile Manager, enter the User Name
>> and Password, I should be able to download the user profile --
>> bookmarks, browser configuration, etc...  but the browser is left
>> unconfigured, which means that the profile was not downloaded.
>> How do I resolve this?
>> Thanks for your assistance.
>> Ronald Warner
>> PC/Network Engineer
>> De La Salle University
>> Information Systems and Technology Center
>> Computer Facilities Operations Office
>> 2401 Taft Ave
>> Malate, Manila 1004
>Dave Brodin
>Lead Systems Engineer
>Information and Technology Services
>City of Bloomington

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